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Metal forming
Lab function

  • practical study of various metal forming methods and technologies: stretching, cutting, bending, flanging, crimping, forging, pressing, upsetting
  • exploring the properties of various metals: strength, toughness, yielding
  • obtaining the primary skills in working with the press equipment
  • study of simple stamps design

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Lab components


  • The small-sized tabletop installation
  • High level of protection in accordance with the safety standards
  • Easy installation, easy integration into the educational process
  • Visualization of laboratory works
  • Unified stamps design
  • Lab VIEW software platform
  • User-friendly interface

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Stamps have a closed design with an established matrix, fitted sample and a punch over it covered by the hood.

Stamps are used for the labs performance.

Stamp assembly is to be placed in the press working area and machined according to the specified stroke length (defined by the software).

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Study kit

Workbook «Metal forming» consist of 9 laboratory works, whereby students learn the physical nature of the most common operations in metal forming, its technological capabilities, as well as dependences for the calculation of the basic technological parameters.

Workbook contains the schemes of the corresponding operations, tasks for independent work and the description of the work procedure.

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