ECOINVENT has been involved into the development, production and supply of training systems forvocational schools of primary, secondary and high level since 1997. Training systems is a complex of technical, software, program and methodical instruments (for students and teachers) that provide for the increase of the effectiveness of the educational process in various subjects.

ECOINVENT is a permanent member of the Intergovernmental Association of the Developers and Producers of educational equipment (MARPUT). Together with other members of the association ECOINVENT takes part in the preparation and realization of various projects aimed at fitting-out of all types of educational institutions within the framework of the governmental project Education. More that 300 educational institutions all over Russia were equipped with the products of our company.

The results of more than 10-years work are the preparation of teaching staff, projects development and fitting-out of educational centers of manufacturing enterprises among which are AvtoVAZ, GAZ, Nizhniy Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Karaganda iron-and-still complexes, GMK Norilsk Nickel, Pervouralsk Novotrubniy factory, Kharkov velozavod, factory of refrigerators Stinol and Atlant, Severstal, Ford Motor Company, etc.

One of the work fields of ECOINVENT is cooperation with MSTU of Bauman in the development of robotic systems, additional and special equipment and their application technologies.

Our aim is to create telecontroled and autonomous mobile robotic systems, to develop application technologies and to adjust our products to the needs of the customers in the shortest time possible.

We constantly certificate our products. The certificate confirms that our products conform to the governmental quality standards and security norms.

Our work is based on close cooperation with the leading specialists of technical universities and major bodies of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Our products development is based on the practical experience and are rewarded with the diplomas and awards of the specialized Russian and international trade fairs and competitions.

Alongside with our own teaching and laboratory equipment we offer modern vocationaltraining systemsof the leading Russian and foreign producers.

Our partners are MSTU of Bauman (Russia), hps System Technik GmbH (Germany), MAX computer GmbH (Germany), etc.

Major business areas of our company:

  • Development and production of the vocationaltraining systems and methodical materials for professional education institutions, upgrade qualification trainings for specialists working in different industrial areas;
  • Trainings for teachers and upgrade programs for employees of industrial institutions in the fields of hydraulic drives, pneumatic drives and automation systems as well ascontrlol systems based on the programmable logical controllers (PLC);
  • Development of robotic complexes of various purposes for the implementation in various power structures;
  • Application technologies of mobile robotic systems;
  • Development of educational programs;
  • Education of operators;
  • Certification of our products;
  • Maintenance service of our products.
  • International diploma